We bought new bicycles today

Specialized BicycleHave wheels and will travel. We purchased a couple of new bicycles today. Yesterday we went into another bike shop just to browse at their bikes. Something we have done many times in the past. We then ended up taking a test ride. Today we returned to purchase these bikes. Something we have never done.

The bikes we bought were Specialized Crossroads. These are a hybrid type bicycle. We have taken test rides and even rented bikes when we go to Mackinac Island but none have ever given us that WOW factor. That is until now.

I don’t know if one brand of bike is really that much better than another. In fact, much of today’s positive buying experience may actually be attributed to the time the sales person spent fitting us with the right bike and setting it up for us. Our salesperson’s name was Taylor and she definitely went the extra mile with us.

Rays Bike ShopIf you are ever in Clare, stop into Ray’s Bike Shop and say hello to our friend Taylor.

UPDATE: (7/13/2017) After much thought and a lot of guidance from Taylor at Ray’s Bike Shop, today we decided to upgrade our Specialized Crossroads for a couple of Specialized Roll Elite Bicycles. These new bikes have bigger tires and are a bit more stable to ride. Plus they are a whole lot of fun.

Specialized Bicycle Specialized Bicycle

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