Showboat Park Campground

We selected the Showboat Park Campground as our next destination for several reasons. We wanted a place centrally located for our friends and family to gather for Father’s Day. We wanted to get a little closer to Lansing, where we were going to attend the Celtic Women concert. We wanted a place near a golf course, so that us dads could play a little golf on Father’s Day. And we wanted to do some kayaking on the¬†Shiawassee River which runs through the park.¬†Celtic Woman

The park is very nice. They take really good care of the park and campground. When we arrived the road was in need of some serious road work. However within a day or so it was reconstructed with fresh gravel and leveled. They also do a great job keeping the bugs away. With all the water in the park I really expected the place to be swarming with mosquitoes and there were really none to be found. The sites are not huge, but since we were the only ones there we had all the room we needed.

When the weekend rolled around there was a small festival in the park. This event brought with it a tractor pull, a beer tent, live music and food wagons. This was a nice surprise.

The only downside to our stay here was that we couldn’t get on the river to do any kayaking. Duran, Michigan had dumped 450,000 gallons of waste water into the river just prior to or visit. This made the river quite unusable downstream where we were located. It is really a shame that things like this are still allowed to happen to our rivers.

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  1. I am about to become a fellow traveler and have enjoyed reading your blog. We are just starting our adventure and your blog has inspired me. I started my own blog just about a week ago now. We have not purchased our RV yet but that is our next step. THANK YOU for your inspiration! Jamie

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