RV Types

Recreational Vehicles (or RVs as they are commonly known) are portable living areas used for traveling or camping while away from home. This is not to say they can’t be used for main living quarters. Many people use RVs as their primary residence. Some RVs are more equipped for traveling, some for outdoor camping while others will provide you with all the comforts of home.

RVs are available in several different types. There are three main categories: Motorized, Trailers and Truck Campers. They are all built using various designs and materials. Most designs now include slide-outs that provide more living space by extending the width or height of the unit. The price for an RV can range from several hundred dollars up into the millions. Below is a list of the various types of RVs and a brief description of each.

Class “A” Motorhome: a motorized RV that is built on a commercial truck or bus chassis.

Class “B” Motorhome (Conversion Van): a van that is converted to include an extended roof and customized interior.

Class “C” Motorhome (Mini Motorhome): a motorized RV built on a van or large truck chassis. These RVs are characterized by a distinctive cab-over profile, which typically houses a sleeping area.

Conversion Bus: an RV converted from a bus. These RVs are typically the largest and most expensive of the RVs.

Travel Trailer: an RV towed by a larger vehicle usually with a ball-type hitch from the bumper or frame.

Toy Hauler: a travel trailer which can also transport an ATV or Motorcycle.

Fifth Wheel Trailer (5th Wheel): an RV designed to be towed by a pickup truck with a hitch (5th wheel hitch) located in the bed of the truck.

Park Trailer: a travel trailer designed for long-term stays and not typically used for traveling.

Teardrop Trailer: a compact, lightweight, teardrop shaped travel trailer usually pulled by smaller vehicles or motorcycles.

Pop-up Camper (Tent Camper): a small lightweight towable camper with a roof, which can be raised, and sides that fold out.

Hybrid Trailer: a travel trailer with fold out beds like a pop-up camper.

Truck Camper: a camper designed to fit into the bed of a pickup truck.

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