RV Storage Prep List

This is a list of things to do before you tuck your RV away for its long winter nap.Clean exterior side walls, roof and awnings

  • Clean exterior side walls, roof and awnings
  • Retract awning
  • Check roof seams
  • Lube TV antenna
  • Stow cords & hoses
  • Check battery levels
  • Remove/ store batteries
  • Check tire pressure
  • Cover tires
  • Cover refrigerator, stove, furnace and water heater vents
  • Plug any opening on the under-side that critter can invade
  • Retract stabilizer jacks
  • Shut-off propane valves
  • Cover gas regulator
  • Drain water tanks
  • Disconnect AC power
  • Check engine fluid levels
  • Lubricate locks, hinges and sliding parts
  • Winterize water lines, pour antifreeze in drain traps
  • Close vents & windows
  • Shut-off furnace/ AC
  • Retract slides
  • Clean refrigerator
  • Prop refrigerator door open slightly
  • Turn off water heater
  • Turn off water pump
  • Close blinds
  • Remove detector batteries
  • Remove all perishables
  • Leave cabinet doors and drawers open
  • Clean air conditioner filters
  • Turn chair cushions on edge
  • Place Snuggles dryer sheets throughout RV

These items are not listed in any specific order. The list is not necessarily inclusive of everything that you may need to check on your particular RV. Check your manuals for details relating to your specific rig.

Here is a link you can use to print the list above: RV Storage Prep List

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  1. I just watched your trouble shooting Atwood water heater on you tube. Very well done. But I have an older Atwood heater. No electronics. Do you know about them? Can you help me with it? Or, send me in the right direction to find help?
    Thank you.

    P.S. love the Bug Smacker. Do you decal’s?

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