Bay City State Park

Bay City State ParkOur visit to Bay City State Park was interesting. This time of year the place is not very busy during the week. It is quite calm and peaceful. It is a nice time to get a bit of R&R.

Then the weekend happens. The place transforms into a noisy, active playground full of weekend campers. All of these people trying to cram in as much fun, food, and alcohol as they can into the 2 days they don’t need to go to work.

One aspect of camping this time of year is the amount of pollen everywhere. Everything is covered with yellow dust.


One afternoon, just as I was entering my RV, I heard an enormous crash. It sounded like thunder, metal, and glass breaking, all rolled into one huge BANG!

I went to investigate the noise and discovered a large tree had fallen onto a van next to our campsite. The van had just pulled in moments prior to the tree falling. What are the odds? It wasn’t even windy out today yet the tree cracked right at the base. Miraculously enough no one was injured.

When the tree busted off, it fell on the van’s roof, rolled down its windshield, across its hood, and ripped the side door off, as it came to rest on the pavement below. The photos shown below don’t really do justice to what I really saw.

Tree Fall Tree Fall Tree Fall

During our visit, Terri and I celebrated our wedding anniversary. Nothing extravagant, we just grabbed a pizza, started a campfire and curled up in a couple of recliners as we watched a movie under the stars. What more could one ask for?


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  1. We’re heading your way! First we’re heading to my dad’s place in southeast MI, then we pick up our new Montana 3120RL at Lakeshore on the 18th. I appreciate any recommendation on RV Parks in MI….

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