Replace Propane Tank Supply Lines

propane tankI ran into a strange propane problem this year. I first noticed the problem when the gas regulator failed to auto-switch over from one side to the other.

We ran out of propane in the first tank. I keep the second full tank turned off. I do that so that we never completely run out of gas, I then simply turn the new tank on and take the empty one in to have it refilled.

This time, however, the new full tank would not turn on. I physically took the tank over to the side of the RV that was previously working and installed the new tank there. It worked on this side now.

The side of the RV with the bad line had an extra regulator in the line. I assumed that it was bad so I went and purchased a new one. I returned to find that this was not the problem.

I spoke with a couple of RV service guys that told me they were convinced that my problem was in the Tank Supply Line Connector. They said that the seals and valves in these hoses are known to swell and prevent the gas from going through them correctly.

I found my problem to be resolved by replacing both of these Propane Hose Connectors on my propane system in my RV.hose


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