Rack ’em Up

There are several different types of bike racks on the market which can be used by RVers. Most styles will accommodate at least 2 bicycles. Each of the various racks will have their good and bad points. Allow me to elaborate on some of the more common types.

Hitch Mount Racks  are the most common. These mount to your RV or vehicle using a trailer hitch mount. They can be mounted on hitches on the front or rear of your vehicle. Frame Mount, Bumper Mount and Ladder Mount Bike Racks mount to the rear of your RV. There is also a bike rack mount that mounts to your pop-up camper.

All of the bike racks described above have one thing in common. They leave your bike exposed to the weather and the risk of theft. To combat this problem, several manufacturers have developed areas inside of your RV to store and transport your bicycles. Some have storage doors in the side or rear to put your bikes. You could also opt for a Toy Hauler style RV which would not only allow you to transport your bicycles, but your ATVs and motorcycles as well.

Last but not least, you can purchase a folding bicycle. These bikes have quick release clamps that allow you to fold them up for compact storage.

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