Power Plug Meltdown


Proper usage of electrical connections can save you from a major meltdown. When you go to plug-in or remove the Power Plug on the end of your cord from the RV from the hookup post it is always a good idea to shut the breaker on the post off first. This will guarantee that no electricity will be present at the plug thus causing it to arch. This arch could possibly be quite large if something in your RV were turned on demanding a significant amount of power.

Even when you think you have everything turned off in your RV it is still drawing power. This small amount of power draw will still cause a spark. The spark will eventually be enough to create burnt contacts between your Electrical Plug and the outlet on your campsite.

The damage to either the plug on the end of your cord or the outlet on the campsite electrical post will cause arching. The arching can generate enough heat to melt the cord, the plug, the outlet and even the wires or connectors inside them. There is also a small chance that this could be enough to start an electrical fire.

As you can see, by simply shutting the outlet on your campsite electrical post off before connecting or disconnecting the Power Plug, you can save yourself and others after you a lot of greef.


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