Pine Ridge RV Campground

This weekend we had intended on going to the Chesaning Showboat Park. The Michigan Campground book stated that the Showboat Park was open, but when we arrived the gate was closed. So we headed over to Pine Ridge RV Park located in Birch Run, MI.

We have stayed at this park before and found it to be quite nice. When we arrived, I went inside to register. They informed me that our favorite spot did not have the water turned on yet. We were somewhat disappointed but found another spot, which was not too bad.

Some of the sites are much to narrow for today’s larger rigs. It would be nice if they would trim some of the trees. The sites are all full hookups. It is too bad that the water, electric and sewer hookups on each site are spaced so far apart. You will find it necessary to pull ahead to hookup to the sewer or use a couple of extension hoses. The sites are mostly grass with stone pads.  They all include a picnic table and fire pit.

The roads in the park are also somewhat narrow. They are all one-way and are not your typical every other road configuration. The roads can take some getting used to. Make sure to obey the park rules or be prepared to hear from the old man on the “security buggy”. Warning, he is a strict fellow.

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