End of the road for the Little Red Truck.

Today we picked up our new Jay Flight. We were so excited! But, that was all to change as we hauled it home. 

We were quick to discover that our 1/2 ton Silverado was just not enough truck for this trailer. This model says 1/2 ton series on the side but, it still lowered the box to the axle. The tongue weight was just to much. We had no idea how much weight was up front. The model was so new that there were no specs released on it yet. The dealer said they had no idea what the tongue weight was and there were no brochures printed yet. Later we would find out the tongue weight on this unit was over 1400 lbs. In my opinion, the label on the side of this model should not be there.

Our excitement took a nose-dive as we parked our new trailer in the driveway and headed out to shop for a new truck.

Heart-Break, Guess we gotta get rid of our little red truck. 🙁


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