Pettit Park

The two of us decided to go up to Wixom Lake to camp for the weekend. We called ahead only to discover that the power to the one and only campsite had been turned off. For those of you who don’t know of the place I am referring to, my parents live on Wixom Lake.

Our second choice was Pettit Park in Clare. We hadn’t been there yet this year, so we headed over to the park. The park only has electrical at the sites so I proceeded to fill the water tank upon our arrival. As I was filling the tank I noticed a woman walk up and start using the water tower next to me. I didn’t remember there being more than one water tower before. This is when I realized that I was using the “Not For Drinking Water Use” water tower next to the sewer drain. BIG OOPS, I felt like a complete idiot. I now had to run to the local grocery store to purchase some bleach to sanitize our tank.

Later when we went to register, we noticed that the rates went up again. This little park is now twice as much as it was a couple of years ago. So much for our little gem. They did put in new showers next to the restrooms. However they also charge you extra to use the water in them.

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