Pettit Park

The case of the missing campfire wood.

Here we are stopping at Pettit Park for a place to go between places to go. We tend to do this quite often here.


So the story begins. When we arrived at this place I set some leftover firewood I had in the truck next to the firepit. After a couple of nights, I noticed that the pile was dwindling. At this time I started counting how many pieces were left. The next morning I saw 2 pieces were gone. The morning after that another 2 pieces were missing. And so forth.

The next morning I saw a maintenance guy up at the bathrooms. I went up to talk to him. I explained to him that every night 2 pieces of my firewood would get up and walk away.

He informed me that he thought it may be his coworker doing it. He said the wood piled in the back of the park was free for everyone to use and he was maybe putting it back there.

I replied, “so you are telling me that every night one of your guys gets up out of bed, comes to this park, grabs only 2 pieces of my wood and carries it back to your wood pile before I wake in the morning?”

His reply back to me was nothing more than a confused stare.

Since this was Go-Home day, I grabbed my remaining 2 pieces of firewood and tossed them into the back of the truck.

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