Pettit Park

Little did we know that our brief stay at Pettit Park in Clare would provide such great entertainment. Best of all it is absolutely FREE.

Magic Bus Band

During our stay here, we found out that the Clare Music Festival and Car Show was going on downtown. We went down to check it out. Performing was a group called the Magic Bus Band. They played Psychedelic Music from the late Sixties. You know “Peace and Love Songs”. We found them to be quite entertaining. The crowd the band attracted really got into the scene. They all seemed to be patients straight out of a Medical Marijuana Shop. They thought they were “Groovy”, I thought they were “Goofy”.

I also want to give a shout out to Mary Ellen Yost and the ladies from Alma that we met at Cops and Donuts. It was a pleasure meeting you all and reminiscing about the old Kodak days.

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