Personal Hotel Room on Wheels

This weekend reassured me as to why I would rather spend the night in my RV verses a night in a hotel. My wife and I had to stay in a hotel room this weekend  in order for her to be at the hospital bright and early the next day for surgery. The stay was not a good experience at all.

The hotel room smelled of smoke even though it was designated as non- smoking. The hairdryer was missing. The air conditioner clunked ever time it started. The coffee was bitter. The TV was a blurry old tube type with lines. The room was noisy from the elevator next door and kids running around upstairs. The carpet had some sort of stain on it that I don’t think I would even want to know about. The bed had a huge hump in the middle and then tapered sharply towards the edge. In fact the edge was so soft that you could not even sit on it without falling off. The hump in the middle of the bed was so high that we had to hold hand just to keep from rolling over and off the edge.

I really miss my personal hotel room on wheels.

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