The house batteries in my trailer did not want to hold a charge anymore. I replaced them with new batteries and I thought that would do the trick. It did seem to make things better, for a while at least. A month later and the lights in the RV were dimming again. These batteries are brand new so I knew that I must have another problem. I got out my multimeter and started troubleshooting. I checked the batteries with the cables removed. I had low voltage across the batteries. Next, …

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Indigo Bluffs RV Park & Resort seems to be all about the money. Everything about this place screams “profitability”. This campground has a lot of potential, but much work needs to be done first. Let’s start with the positives. • The people here are quite nice. • There is a nice swimming pool. On the other hand, the prices at Indigo Bluffs are quite expensive. Here are my suggestions that would justify the high prices that they charge. • Increase the size of the sites. Some of the sites are …

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After fighting with the original kitchen faucet that came with our trailer we finally decided to upgrade it. The old faucet did not allow good water flow plus the sprayer selection switch would not stay engaged when you selected it. The new replacement faucet not only looked much nicer but the water flow rate was much greater now. The spray head is much easier to use and has rubber tips on it that are easy to clean. We are very happy with this improvement.

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We had a wonderful time in Traverse City again this year. The kids ran in the Bayshore Marathon. The grandkids played on the beach. Terri and I got to sit back and unwind a little. We all had a splendid weekend. This year we were extremely sad to see that our favorite BBQ joint, Ham-Bonz was no longer in business. This place offered some of the best pulled-pork and pit-ham you could find anywhere. This will also be the last time we will be visiting The Underground Cheesecake Company. We …

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Following our trip back from Myrtle Beach, I noticed the voltage on our house battery was extremely low. The fridge even agreed with me and displayed an error to let me know. Before our trip to the beach, I found the two 6-volt batteries I had installed were not working very well. So I replaced them with the 12-volt battery which originally came with the trailer. The 6-volt batteries were the ones in our trailer that our RV dealer left connected while they had my RV in for service over …

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