RV Adventures with Bug Smacker

Bay City State Park

Bay City State ParkOur visit to Bay City State Park was interesting. This time of year the place is not very busy during the week. It is quite calm and peaceful. It is a nice time to get a bit of R&R.

Then the weekend happens. The place transforms into a noisy, active playground full of weekend campers. All of these people trying to cram in as much fun, food, and alcohol as they can into the 2 days they don’t need to go to work.

One aspect of camping this time of year is the amount of pollen everywhere. Everything is covered with yellow dust.


One afternoon, just as I was entering my RV, I heard an enormous crash. It sounded like thunder, metal, and glass breaking, all rolled into one huge BANG!

I went to investigate the noise and discovered a large tree had fallen onto a van next to our campsite. The van had just pulled in moments prior to the tree falling. What are the odds? It wasn’t even windy out today yet the tree cracked right at the base. Miraculously enough no one was injured.

When the tree busted off, it fell on the van’s roof, rolled down its windshield, across its hood, and ripped the side door off, as it came to rest on the pavement below. The photos shown below don’t really do justice to what I really saw.

Tree Fall Tree Fall Tree Fall

During our visit, Terri and I celebrated our wedding anniversary. Nothing extravagant, we just grabbed a pizza, started a campfire and curled up in a couple of recliners as we watched a movie under the stars. What more could one ask for?


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Addison Oaks Park


I am going to try real hard not to come off as negative about this campground. In fact let me preface this post with the following statement ” we were at the wrong place, at the wrong time”.

Terri and I needed a place to camp that would put us close to my niece’s wedding this weekend. Terri booked a site at Addison Oaks which is part of the Oakland County Park system. I had driven by this place not too long ago, but I never actually went in.

This is where things get interesting. You see, since we were just in the area for a wedding, we were not going to be doing any typical “camping”. We were just going to get dressed up, then come and go.

We did have a paved campsite but everything else around us was MUD! It had been raining quite a lot in this area and since dirt and water make MUD, we were in the middle of a MUDDY mess.

Not only were we dressed for a wedding but to make matters worse I had spent the entire last week washing and waxing both the Silverado and Montana. BUMMER!

To top things off, as soon as I got back into the truck we both instantly noticed a truly horrible stench. That is when I noticed that I had stepped in some extremely rude owner’s huge pile of dog “$#!t”.

Why can’t people be nice? Come on now! Our entire campsite was littered with these landmines.


Now back to the story. The park itself really wasn’t that bad. In fact, it would be a nice place to camp if all the things listed above hadn’t happened to us. Here are some photos of the place.


restroom restroom restroom laundry


birds campsite campground carnival



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We are now back at the Tamarack again on the trip back to Michigan. Not much to say that I haven’t already said about this place. This time, however, we arrived in time to enjoy the Friday Night Special. It was called Kate’s Mountain Prime Rib.  Let me tell you the price was great and the Prime Rib was even better.

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Ocean Lakes Family Campground

Once again we find ourselves enjoying “Life at the Beach”. It is no wonder why we love this place so much and find ourselves coming back year after year after year. In fact last year we booked this spot for our Spring Vacation up until the year 2020. When we arrived here Terri and I looked at each other and remarked how it felt like we were home now.

campsite campsite campsite  campsite Splash Pool

We enjoy getting a campsite right up front on the ocean. That way we can enjoy the sounds of the waves all night long from our trailer. It is so tranquil. During the day we can stroll over to the beach, spread a blanket, pitch an umbrella and relax as we dig our feet into the warm sand. You can feel the cool ocean breeze as the sun beats down and toasts your bellies. Life doesn’t get much better than this!

It was a real shame to hear stories from back in Michigan of how nasty the weather was while we were here in paradise.

myrtle beach

After a long day of doing…well nothing, a person tends to get a bit hungry. Don’t worry there are plenty of great places to eat around here. One of our favorites is The Original Benjamins Calabash Seafood Buffet. We never miss a chance to eat here. Terri and I both can put away our fair share of crab legs and this is the place to do it.

 Benjamins Calabash Seafood 

Another place we went to was the Nacho Hippo. We had tried it for the first time last year and I really was not impressed. This year our friends, Jeff and Linda, wanted to try it. So we went again. I ordered the Bangin’ Shrimp. This meal changed my whole opinion of the place. In fact, I was so overwhelmed by this item that we ended up going back for seconds a few days after our friends returned home.

Nacho Hippo

Speaking of friends, we had several of them to hang out with this year. Jeff and Linda came down from Michigan and stayed at a hotel near our resort. Ashley and Dillon also came up from Charleston to stay the weekend again with us this year.

jeff-linda ashley-dillon

We got a chance to catch up with Jim & Kathee and Jerry & Laurie as well. They tend to come to the beach around the same time each year that we do and it is always a pleasure to see them. (Remember: same time, same place next year guys!) Can’t wait to see ya.


Here are a couple of snapshots I took while getting fueled up at the gas station that just tickled my fancy showing how warm it was out and how cheap the fuel was down here.

83 diesel-price


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The race is on, we are right on the leading edge of a storm that is sweeping across the nation. And it is is a big one. Earlier this morning we encountered over 4 inches of… (you may want to cover the ears of the young ones cause I am going to use a 4 letter word now) …SNOW.

Doesn’t Mother Nature know it is spring now?


We left our home in Michigan around 3 PM this afternoon. The storm front was right on our tail as we headed south towards Myrtle Beach. We were lucky enough to encounter mostly wet roads. As the temperatures fell we knew the roads would ice over. It ended up snowing as far south as West Virginia. We did pretty good time and made our destination for the night. Tamarack is a great spot to do an Over-Nighter.

snow tamarack


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