Outdoor Adventures – Saginaw Bay Resort

Whenever we arrive at Outdoor Adventures it is always a gamble on what sites are available. We know what ones we like, but it seems as if we can never get the same one twice. We knew since we were going to be here for 2 weeks that we wanted a full hookup site. We also tend to prefer the end ones. We got lucky; we got exactly what we were looking.

This luck ran out with the first rainfall. This month had started out as the driest on record and has now become the wettest. Apparently we had setup our RV in the middle of what would become a huge puddle. Not only were we in a low spot, but since the ground is mostly clay the water will not seep into the ground very well. This left us with a moat around our RV.

We both have been working during the week and commuting to our jobs from here each day. This gets old after a while since the drive is so much longer. We also have been eating out quite a bit and by the time we get home at night there isn’t much time to wind down.

Terri’s parents stopped by for a visit. We had a little cookout and enjoyed some really great “home grown” sweet corn from the local market. The following weekend the resort had a Pig Roast which was spectacular.

In previous posts I have mentioned that this resort has an outdoor chapel. I have also indicated that the pastor rides in on a bike. On the way into the park the other day I noticed the bike he rides was parked alongside of the road. Check it out. I love the custom paint job.

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