Outdoor Adventures – Saginaw Bay Resort

Let me throw some words at you to help describe our stay at Saginaw Bay Resort this time.

  • full-hookups
  • stinky
  • hayride
  • noisy
  • burnt eggs
  • cramped
  • playground
  • peeping tom
  • mud
  • putt putt
  • slow wifi
  • business closed
  • new friends

Terri and I arrived at the park in 2 vehicles. We immediately starting searching for a full hookup site. There was only one full hookup site available so we promptly grabbed it.

campgroundWe had not been here in years, so we had forgotten how difficult it is finding these sites. Most people return to this park several times a year and make arrangements with the other guests to grab them upon their return.

This place has not changed very much since our last trip here. We really didn’t see any improvements. The campground still had the very stinky water, tight campsites (in fact our neighbor was only inches from our slideout), over clorinated pool, slow wifi, and muddy roads. Let me tell you when it rains here some of the campsites and roads become virtually unusable. For the amount of money, this place brings in you would think they could make some kind of effort to improve the place.

To top it off most of our favorite places to eat in the area are gone or not worth visiting anymore. The Pinney Market has a new name and no longer has the fried chicken, Tonys Taco was closed, Granton Inn was closed, even the breakfast at the campground was burnt. Worst of all H & H Bakery was absolutely horrible now.

I was really looking forward to pizza and pasta night at H & H and found it to be nothing like it was the last time I was there. Wednesdays used to have a loaded buffet with a nice salad bar and several pizzas to choose from. The place would be packed with people. Now they have only one pizza to choose from and only a couple of tables of people who don’t even like the pizza they brought out.

hh-bakery-buffet customers

On a positive note, if you enjoy the sound of barking dogs, then this is the place for you. Our neighbors had two of them. One of the dogs even had a cone over its head that turned it into a Barking Megaphone! The owners must have gone deaf from all this racket because they didn’t even attempt to control these critters. I think that is what gets to me the most.

To switch gears a bit, there was one evening where a woman came running out of the shower rooms screaming. Evidently, she noticed a cellphone above the shower door while she and her daughter were in there taking a shower. She grabbed it from a young boy. 4 police cars showed up for this event.

The best part of this trip was meeting Karlos and his wife Vicki. These are a couple of very nice people and we enjoyed spending time with them. You need to check out the Antenna System he has incorporated into his RV. It is quite impressive. Hope to catch up with these guys again sometime soon.


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