Outdoor Adventures – Wilderness Resort

Aloha, from the Wilderness RV Resort. Each time we stay at an Outdoor Adventure Resort, the park has a theme for the week and this time was no exception. This week they have a Hawaiian theme. During our stay we were invited to a Luau. We enjoyed hotdogs cooked over an open pit along with baked beans.

Later we were entertained by a group of Hawaiian Hula Dancers. The dancers even tried to teach some members of the audience a move or two. It was a whole lot of fun and everyone had a great time.




Since we were traveling back and forth to work from the campground this week, we really didn’t do much campfire cooking. The food in the area is quite good, so we decided we would be eating out most of the time.

We discovered a new place to eat. My wife stopped at a small bar in Standish, Michigan called Summer Trail Inn on her way home from work one evening. It had a sign posted out front which read “ Broasted Chicken Bucket $8.99”. We both really enjoyed this chicken. It was very moist and tasty.

One day after work, I stopped at Jay’s Fruit Market to pick up some sweet corn and was drawn to the meat counter where I discovered a really good looking Rib Eye steak. I was complimenting the butcher on how good it looked when he informed me that I should try a Chuck Eye steak. I have never heard of such a cut of meat and was anxious to give it a try. Let me tell you this, I think I have a new favorite steak. The Chuck Eye is a smaller cut than a Rib Eye but has better marbling and if cooked right, it will be so tender that it will almost fall apart. Don’t take my word for it, give it a try sometime.

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