Ocean Lakes Family Campground

Once again we find ourselves enjoying “Life at the Beach”. It is no wonder why we love this place so much and find ourselves coming back year after year after year. In fact last year we booked this spot for our Spring Vacation up until the year 2020. When we arrived here Terri and I looked at each other and remarked how it felt like we were home now.

campsite campsite campsite  campsite Splash Pool

We enjoy getting a campsite right up front on the ocean. That way we can enjoy the sounds of the waves all night long from our trailer. It is so tranquil. During the day we can stroll over to the beach, spread a blanket, pitch an umbrella and relax as we dig our feet into the warm sand. You can feel the cool ocean breeze as the sun beats down and toasts your bellies. Life doesn’t get much better than this!

It was a real shame to hear stories from back in Michigan of how nasty the weather was while we were here in paradise.

myrtle beach

After a long day of doing…well nothing, a person tends to get a bit hungry. Don’t worry there are plenty of great places to eat around here. One of our favorites is The Original Benjamins Calabash Seafood Buffet. We never miss a chance to eat here. Terri and I both can put away our fair share of crab legs and this is the place to do it.

 Benjamins Calabash Seafood 

Another place we went to was the Nacho Hippo. We had tried it for the first time last year and I really was not impressed. This year our friends, Jeff and Linda, wanted to try it. So we went again. I ordered the Bangin’ Shrimp. This meal changed my whole opinion of the place. In fact, I was so overwhelmed by this item that we ended up going back for seconds a few days after our friends returned home.

Nacho Hippo

Speaking of friends, we had several of them to hang out with this year. Jeff and Linda came down from Michigan and stayed at a hotel near our resort. Ashley and Dillon also came up from Charleston to stay the weekend again with us this year.

jeff-linda ashley-dillon

We got a chance to catch up with Jim & Kathee and Jerry & Laurie as well. They tend to come to the beach around the same time each year that we do and it is always a pleasure to see them. (Remember: same time, same place next year guys!) Can’t wait to see ya.


Here are a couple of snapshots I took while getting fueled up at the gas station that just tickled my fancy showing how warm it was out and how cheap the fuel was down here.

83 diesel-price


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