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After having a Keyless Door Lock on our previous RV, we were sad to discover that this was not an option on our new trailer. You may not think this is much of a necessity, but until you have one you won’t know how much of a convenience it really is.

We all need to think about security a bit more these days. The news is just full of things that make you fear for your safety. I remember my grandfather once saying “I never used to lock my door, I didn’t want them to break it down”. Well, I actually had this experience; I did lock my door and they did kick it in. I really don’t RVLOCKthink if I had left it unlocked they would have just turned and left me alone. I personally think locks are quite important.

I don’t need to explain how spending time in your RV is much different than living in your house, I’m sure you are already aware of this. But in your RV, the great outdoors is more like an extension of your indoor living area. Everyone travels in and out of the RV quite frequently. Because of this leaving your RV without a physical key is a great idea.

A Keyless Door Lock keypad makes life much easier. Think of going to the beach. Think of having an arm full of groceries. Think of allowing every family member to have their own “virtual” key.

After searching for a solution for our situation I kept coming up with RVLOCK. This company seems to be the hands-down best choice when it comes to upgrading your RV locks.

The product we got from RVLOCK is a solidly made assembly with a heavy-duty steel locking mechanism. The faceplate has a weather resistant powder coated exterior finish with a weather seal. The inside handle is made of plastic. The lock features an integrated 8-digit keypad. This particular model also included a 4 button remote fob. You lock and unlock the door with just the push of a button before you even get to it.

The installation was as easy as described in the product description. It literally took just a few minutes to remove the old lock and install this new one. I would like to note that when fitting the lock assembly into the door opening, make sure that the deadbolt is retracted allowing the assembly to more easily fit. Also, after the installation, the door was a bit hard to close. I discovered that by applying some light grease to all sides of the door latch mechanism, it became much easier.

Overall I think the RVLOCK is a pretty good product and I am glad we installed it on our new RV.


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