Why we chose our new 2018 Keystone Montana 3120RL

After spending all of 2017 trying to decide on which RV to replace our Jayco with, we finally settled on the NEW 2018 Keystone Montana 3120RL. I will try and provide you with some of the decisions we had to make that got us to this point. Keep in mind these are things that mattered most to us and “your mileage may vary”. To the best of my knowledge, these factors were true last year. However, in the ever-changing competing RV marking, things could be a bit different by the time you read this.

We use our RV quite a bit although we are still not officially “Full-timers”. We knew that the amount of time we spend in it would justify moving into a higher level of RV. We really loved the floorplan in the 2013 Jayco Eagle 31.5 RLTS and knew that most every new Fifth Wheel would have an island in the center of the kitchen now. We still knew that it was time to move on.

With that in mind, we knew right off the bat that we needed something durable that would last us a while. We started our quest looking at some of the RV brands that were listed as Luxury Models. Don’t get me wrong, we would simply love to drive around in a brand new 45-foot Diesel Pusher, but we knew that wouldn’t be practical for us. So, we limited our search to smaller, lighter and more affordable RVs.

Now that we decided to replace our current RV, we began our search with trying to decide if we wanted to step up to a Class A Motorhome. If we decided to go this route it would make our decision much easier. We both really love the Tiffin brand and have never heard much bad about the product. So, if we choose to go with a motorhome our decision would be easy.

Class A Motorhome vs Fifth Wheel Trailer Advantages

Class A Motorhome Advantages

  • Single Floor Level
  • Smaller Commute Vehicle
  • Easier Fridge & Bathroom Access
  • “WOW” Factor

Fifth Wheel Advantages

  • More Living Space
  • More Kitchen Counter
  • More Windows
  • Larger Sofa
  • Room for Recliners
  • Place for Car Seats (Gotta think of the Grandkids 😉 )
  • Lower Fuel Cost
  • Lower Maintenance Cost
  • Lower Purchase Price

It took my wife and I quite a while to make this decision. We would go to dealerships to look at their inventory and salespeople would look at us like we were Newbies when we would ask to see both Motorhomes and 5th Wheel Travel Trailers. Even though we were tempted by the “WOW” factor of the Motorhomes, my wife and I decided that the practicality of a Fifth Wheel was the better choice for us.

Now that we made it over that hump we had to settle on the best Fifth Wheel model for us. We knew we wanted something easily towable, not too heavy, not too long, yet sturdy enough to live in. We were now looking at the smaller Luxury Type Fifth Wheels. We started like everyone else and looked at floorplans we liked. Next, we looked for features we wanted. The brands we started off with were:

Luxury Fifth Wheel Brands

  • Jayco Pinnacle
  • Keystone Montana
  • Grand Design Solitude
  • Redwood
  • Vanleigh Vilano
  • Forest River Cedar Creek
  • Highland Ridge Open Range

We did a lot of head scratching. We went to a ton of dealerships and looked at a lot of models. We went back and then back again. We narrowed the list by comparing things that we really didn’t care for or features that were lacking. We now ended up with just three models to choose from.

Luxury Fifth Wheel Brands we like the most

  • Grand Design Solitude
  • Keystone Montana
  • Vanleigh Vilano

We were really impressed by the Vilano (from what we could tell without seeing one). That was because there were no dealers within 200 miles of us that sold them. We liked the fact that Tiffin (remember we like Tiffin) was behind it and that they seemed to be put together like a motorhome. We were also impressed by the modern styling we saw in the photographs. It was quite difficult getting facts on how these are built and because we could not actually put our hands on one, made it hard to keep them as a contender.

My wife and I liked a lot of features in the Solitude as well. I liked the fact that they were trying hard to over-take Montana as the top seller. I always tend to root for the underdog. We really loved all the windows. The windows above the bed and kitchen sink were awesome. I know this sounds nitpicky, but we never understood why they had that strange bowl type sink in the bathroom.

Here is a brief comparison of features between Montana vs Solitude vs Vilano Fifth Wheel Trailer RVs.

Keep in mind that these items may change at any time.

Model Montana 3120RL Solitude 310GK Vilano 365RL
Year 2018 2018 2018
Dry Weight 11980 12100 13100
Gross Weight 16000 15000 16000
Load Capacity 4020 2900 2900
Hitch Weight 2400 2350 2800
Length 35 34.11 38.11
Height 13.5 13.5 12.11
Width 96 101 101
Fresh Water 66 93 54
Black Water 49 50 45
Gray Water 88 100 90
Slides 3 3 3
Slide Height 6.5 8
Hydraulic Slides Y Y
Painted Front Cap Y Y
Full Body Paint Option Option
Roof Material TPO TPO TPO
Gel Coat Side Walls Y Y Y
Suspension Equalizer Lippert Lippert Lippert
Pinbox Lippert Lippert Lippert
Solid Entry Steps Y Y Y
Axle Ratings 7000 7000 7000
Frame Inches 12 10/10
6 Pt Auto Level System Hydraulic Hydraulic
Hitch Receiver Y N
G Rated Tires Y Y Y
50 amp Y Y
Electric Power Cord Reel Option Option
Generator Option Option Option
Quiet AC Y Y Y
2 ACs Y Y Y
3rd AC Wiring Y Y
AC Heat Pump Y Option
Dual Pane Windows Option Option Option
Water Heater 12 12 10
Touch-Sensor Tank Monitors N N Y
Tank Heaters Y Y Y
Heated Dump Valves Y Y
Black Tank Flush Y Y
Dual Battery Box Y Y
Rear Fiberglass Cap Option N
Outside Shower Y Y
Door Grab Handle Y Y Y
Electric Awning w/LEDs Y Y
Keyless Entry N N N
Keyed Alike Locks N Y
Rear Camera Option Option
Outdoor TV Y N
Solar Prep Y Y Y
iN Command System Option
No Carpet Main Living Y Y Y
Carpet in Bedroom Y N N
Front Door Closet Y N Y
Wide Theater Seats N N Y
6-foot Sofa Y Y
TV Size 50 50 50
TV Sound Bar N N Y
Fireplace Y Y Y
Furnace 35k 40k 42K
Fantastic Fan Y Y
Roller Shades Y Y Y
LED Lighting Y Y Y
Wall Mounted Dinette Y Y Y
Residential Fridge Option Option Y
Fridge Size 18 18 18
Stainless Steel Sink Y Y Y
Easy Kitchen Sink Access Y Y Y
Convection Microwave Y Y Y
Stainless Steel Stove Y Y Y
Oven Y Y Y
Dishwasher Prep N Y Option
Central Vac Y N Y
Wash/Dryer Hookup Y Y Y
King Size Bed Option Option Y


All along as we looked at all these different Fifth Wheel Trailers we would comment on how if Montana just had a floorplan we really liked we could stop comparing it to all the other RVs and buy one. That is the main reason we waited all year to purchase a new RV. We also knew sooner or later Keystone was going to come out with new models.

When we first discovered the Montana 3120RL was out our jaws dropped. Montana hadn’t had that particular floorplan since the 3610RL back in 2016. Now that Montana brought the floorplan back that we liked there were no more excuses. When we discovered the other features that were recently upgraded, the decision was made for us.

Here are a few documents that I obtained during our shopping experience. These are sales brochures on the new 2018.5 Model Year Keystone Montana RVs that you may find interesting.

2018 Montana Fall Product Changes

2018.5 Montana Features

2018 Montana vs Solitude

I am by no means trying to influence your decision if you happen to be in the market for a new RV. In fact, we my not even know if we made the best choice ourselves until we start spending time in our new Montana. I just wanted to share some of the legwork I did in our decision-making process. Guess I’m just showing everyone how anal I can be when it comes to things like this.

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8 Comments on “Why we chose our new 2018 Keystone Montana 3120RL

  1. Hi just wanted to see how your enjoying your Montana 3120. What kind of issues popped up as you began enjoying it? This is a strong contender on our list

  2. Hi, just wondering what your tow vehicle is and how well it pulls the 3120rl, also what type of hitch do you use. We are also looking at the 3120rl and your answers would help us out a lot (we have a Ram 3500 cummins SB SRW)

    • Sorry, Kevin, your comment slipped by me. I tow with a Silverado 2500HD (it’s on the menu at the top). It tows just fine. The only problem we have is with the payload. The trailer can get a bit heavy with a 4,000 lb cargo capacity.

  3. I’m debating between the vanliegh Villanova 365rl and the montana 3120rl what is the price on the montana buying soon -6 months

  4. Just a question.why did u eliminate the pennicle .lm torn between pennicle,landmark,sllitude and Montana but only the legacy compares in quality that I have seen thank u

    • Dwayne,
      Jayco makes a fine product. As you probably know, that is the only make we have owned prior to our new Monty. The Pinnacle and Solitude are comparable to the Montana. Looking closer at the details in construction, we chose to go with Montana. The Redwood and Landmark are heavy and more expensive. We wanted something more towable.

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