New 2018 Keystone Montana 3120RL – Mods & Improvements

Check out this video showing some of the Mods, Improvements, Renovations, and Upgrades that we have done to our new 2018 Keystone Montana 3120RL Fifth Wheel in the last 6 months that we have owned it. This does not include any minor repairs that may have been needed in the warranty period. So far we think this new RV will fit into our lives quite nicely.

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Here is our list-

• Add drawer trays-

• Add marshmallow stick holders

• Upgrade showerhead-

• Toothbrush holder-

• Add air-compressor-

• Caulk convenience control center

• Add front doorstop

• Remove kitchen faucet restrictor

• Add outside door bumper-

• Add ottoman

• Rewire dining room light switch

• Add surround soundbar-

• Add TiVo-

• Rewire stereo speakers

• Add sofa bed felt feet

• Add Kitchen towel rack

• Add pantry doorstop-

• Add pantry light switch

• Add chip clip strip

• Plug thermostat holes

• Add surge protector-

• Install atomic clock-

• Add coffee bar light switch

• Add walking stick

• Add bathroom towel hooks

• Add swimsuit hooks-

• Upgrade bathroom vanity light

• Upgrade mattress-

• Upgrade closet light-

• Add clear sewer hose fitting-

• Upgrade closet rod

• Add TV antenna position sticker

• Upgrade TV’s (3)-

• Add bedroom TV inverter-

• Add door hook

• Add weather station-

• Add water pressure regulator-

• Add bedroom nightlight

• Add basement paper towel holder-

• Add Outdoor TV bag & sock

• Reroute outside cord to inside outlet

• Upgrade to dual 6-volt batteries

• Add backup camera-

• Add hitch extension-

• Add hitch lock-

• Add bike rack-

• Add keyless door lock-

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4 Comments on “New 2018 Keystone Montana 3120RL – Mods & Improvements

  1. Nice list of mods Tim. I can also answer your question to Bryan in case he did not get back to you. He is towing with a 2018 Ram 3500 dually, 4wd. 4.10 gears with the Aisin transmission. Delmonico Red color for the exterior and black interior. No air bags and a B&W hitch. (We talk a lot :))

    Heading to Michigan maybe next month. But as Bryan will be in the area in September, I might hold off and come up then. Wife’s mom lives in Howell and we are coming for a visit.

    Looks like you went with the slide toppers on your new trailer?


    • Mark,
      The slide covers was the only option we added. Nice thing was that we didn’t need any other options. They tried to talk us into the king size bed option but that wasn’t going to happen. We like the extra floor space. You will get burned on resale with any options you add anyhow.

  2. I used Command Strips on the doors and screws in the walls. Yes, the surround speakers are wireless.

    Bryan, what do you use to tow with? Are you traveling with it now?

  3. Great job(s), Tim! That’s quite a few mods. Gives me some great ideas for our Montana.
    For the bathroom towel hooks, did you use command strips or did you drill holes and use anchors?
    Also, is the Vizio 5.1 wireless or did you run the wires under the carpet?

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