New 2013 2500HD Silverado

Bigger Red

I would like to announce that we are now the proud owners of a brand new shiny red pickup truck. This one is a 2013 Chevy Silverado 2500HD 4WD Crew Cab Duramax Turbo-Diesel.

The old truck was struggling to pull our new RV so we decided it was time to upgrade to something with a bit more power.  It had provided us with many years of dependable towing. We have owned it now for just shy of 8 years now and it is time to give it a rest.

Our quest began last weekend when we stopped at a dealer in Traverse City to look at new trucks. We spoke with a salesman who informed us that the time to purchase a new truck was never better. The rebates were high and so was our trade-in value. I want to thank my Uncle Jerry for calling to inform me that I now qualified for a GM Employee discount under a special Nephews & Nieces Promotion (also a special Thanks to my Aunt Anne for dealing with the paperwork that goes along with it). Needless to say now was a great time to trade up.

Following our camping trip in Traverse City we headed over to our friends Tom & Cathy’s place. They were kind enough to allow us to drop off the RV while we returned home for a couple of days. That way we didn’t have to haul it back up here again. We were scheduled to camp at Fisherman’s Island State Park near Charlevoix, Michigan the next weekend.

At home I called the salesman we bought our last truck from and told him to find us a Red Chevy with a Diesel and Bucket Seats. He spent most of the day looking and the closest one he found was in Pennsylvania. He did however find a red one with leather bench seats about an hour away from us at a place called Moore Shoreline.

That night Terri and I went over to look at the truck. We were not too impressed. I asked our salesman, Derrick if he could take a quick look on his computer and see if there was anything else out there. To our amazement Derrick found us exactly what we were looking for, a Red Truck with a Diesel and Bucket Seats. My hat is off to you, Derrick! Not sure how you found this truck. In fact the salesman who sent us over to you from the other dealership was amazed as well. You my friend found us the very last Red Truck with a Diesel and Bucket Seats in Michigan.

The truck was located at a place called Tinney Automotive in Greenville, Michigan. Derrick made arrangements to do a dealer trade for us and the truck was delivered the next day.

Right away I had the truck bed spray coated at Line-X. I also had a TruXedo bed cover and Mud Flaps installed. I called around to have the 5th wheel hitch installed so that we could go back up, get our RV and continue our camping trip. That is when I was reminded that it is best to break-in the new truck prior to doing any heavy towing. I had forgotten about this. I did break-in our last truck first, so I knew it was wise to do the same with this one. We needed to have at least 1000 miles on the truck before hooking up to the RV.

All weekend we have been taking trips around the state. We have actually discovered some fun and exciting new places (but that will be for a future post). Currently we have 851 miles on the odometer. As soon as it hits 1000 we will be back in business.

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  1. Congrats on the new truck. Sure is a pretty one. Here’s to safe travels and many years of adventures and fun. Good Luck always.

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