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There will come a time when you want to plug something in and all your outlets in the RV are dead. It could be because of various reasons but, never the less, you are stuck eating cold left over pizza. The microwave just won’t run off the battery.

You may want to go camping at a rustic campsite. It can be less expensive than full-hookups and also tends to be more secluded. More like a true primitive camping experience. If you really want to get away from it all, then go park your RV out on State land somewhere away from everyone. Either way you’re not going to find any place to plug into.

On the other hand you may have just pulled over into a rest area on the interstate. You pop inside your RV, grab a doughnut and wish you could pour yourself a nice piping hot cup of joe. Yet the coffee maker just won’t perk without power.

Maybe the situation is that you just went out into the RV simply because the lights went out in the house and you were in the middle of the big ball game.

These are times when you will be glad you have a generator. I will admit that you won’t use a generator everyday but, it sure is nice to have one when you need it. They sure make life a whole lot easier.

Now that you have determined that you want a generator, you will get to the store only to discover that there is a huge assortment of makes, styles and prices. This is where I am going to need to explain that it is defiantly a case of “You will get what you pay for”. I will tell you up front that you need a generator designed for RVing. Sure you can find a unit that has a lot more power for a lot less money but, like I said “You will get what you pay for”.

What a RV style generator has to offer is ease of operation, low fuel consumption, clean power and above all reduced noise levels. You don’t want to hear people talking behind your back about how noisy your generator is but, then again you won’t be able to hear them above the racket anyway. Guess it would be like bringing a barking dog into a library. You just wouldn’t want to be the one to do it.

You need to determine how much wattage you will need to power the items you will be running in your unit. Keep in mind more power required, the larger the size of the generator. I highly recommend a top brand name manufacturer like Honda , Yamaha or Generac.

Don’t limit your camping possibilities because a place has no power to offer you. Just grab your generator and bring your own power plant.

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