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Years ago our house phone bill got so ridiculously expensive that we decided to do something about it. I wanted to keep our current house phone number, so I decided to “Port” our number. This allowed me to switch to a new service while keeping our current number.

I shopped around and decided that a VoIP service would best fit our needs. This would allow us to use our current house phone over the internet. Using the line over the web allows you to plug it in anywhere. This is great for RVers and anyone who travels like we do.

The cost would be a fraction of what we were currently paying. Of all the providers available, Vonage was the one we chose. This was mainly due to their popularity.

The quality of the service that Vonage provided us was not as good as what I was accustomed to with a traditional land line provider. Since the majority of our talk time was spent on cell phones the objective at this point was to just get the cost of our home phone service down. This would allow us to keep our old home phone number.

I have had Vonage since January of 2007.  I started with the lowest basic calling plan they offed which was $14.99. As time progressed, the cost grew to $17.99 with plan increases and added fees. The cost started to seem quite high compared to the amount of use we had on this line. After some consideration, I decided to call Vonage and pull the plug.

I called Vonage and informed them that I was going to leave. At that point they informed me they could switch me to an unadvertised plan that only costs $9.99. When I asked about the differences in features on the plan I was told they were exactly the same. Go figure!

The last couple of weeks our Vonage line has been dying. I called Vonage for help. They had me reconnecting and cycling things on the Vonage device. Finally they determined that it was my internet connection. I don’t buy this for a minute. This did though get Vonage off the hook. They are in fact completely off the hook now, I fired them.

I have now decided to switch the home phone number over to Google Voice which is Free. At this point we only get a handful of calls on this line with most of them being of a political nature lately. I still however have a hard time getting rid of the old number. Google Voice fits the bill perfectly.

Google Voice is basically a voice answering system that allows you to store voicemail. It also has the capability to forward calls to other numbers as well as email and text messages. With the addition of an OBi VoIP Device you can now make outgoing calls as well.

Check out the following article to find out exactly how I went about this transition:
Your Home Phone Number on Google Voice

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