Mackinaw City Camp Ground

We have just completed a brief one day trip up to Mackinaw Island. Terri did some research and found most campgrounds including both State Parks to be completely booked this weekend. We took a gamble on the possibility of an open site at the Mackinaw City Campground. This park doesn’t take reservations, so we knew we had a slim chance on success. We were pleased to find a spot when we arrived.

At the campground, I got a chance to meet the owner. His name is Clem. He is a wonderful guy. Clem explained how he has been in the Mackinaw area for over 65 years. He told me how he is able to provide this campground and all of it’s amenities at such a reasonable rate. He explained how he could raise the rates a bit and hire someone to mow the lawn for him, but that just isn’t the type of person he is. I could tell in his voice that Clem is quite proud of what he has to offer us. And he has all the right in the world to be. This is a GREAT place and provides us with exactly what we need when we visit the area.

Early the next morning we headed over to Mackinaw Island. We normally don’t come up here this time of year. The crowds in the mid-summer season are enormous. Upon our arrival on the island, we rented a couple of bicycles. We then took a ride around the island. It is an eight mile ride. Due to the amount of people we had to deal with, we ran into the occasional kid or two who didn’t know how to stay on the proper side of the road. They seemed to have some sort of death wish and headed directly into oncoming traffic.Headlands

Last night after dinner we took a walk through the Mackinaw Crossings Mall. There was a Karaoke show going on in the amphitheater. It was quite entertaining to watch.

After that we located the Headlands International Dark Sky Park. It is just a couple of miles west of town.  In May 2011, this park was awarded the International Dark Sky Park designation. This is just the sixth such park in the United States and the ninth in the world at this time. A Dark Sky Park is a place where exceptional views of the sky are possible due to the absence of light pollution. The natural darkness of the sky allows for a spectacular view of the illumination of the heavens. If you are normally located in a urban setting, this is a sight you may not want to miss.


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    Looks like fun

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