Little River Casino RV Park

Big Lake BuffetIt’s my BIRTHDAY…HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TO ME! I’m gonna eat Prime Rib and Crab Legs till I can’t eat no more!

That’s right for my birthday weekend I elected to head to Little River Casino. I was looking forward to sitting in their brand new hot tub, after eating a great dinner, and after winning loads of cash in the casino.

Well, I guess 1 out of 3 ain’t bad. I did get to enjoy the best meal I have had all year and Terri & I have been to a lot of great restaurants that offered some terrific meals. This just happened to be the one that topped them all. The Prime Rib was hand cut into juicy, tender, thick, succulent slices. The Crab Legs were done to perfection. The best part was these along with several other selections were offered on a Buffet allowing me unlimited access. Couldn’t think of a better Birthday Treat.

As for the Hot Tub, well all we got to see was this sign.


Did we win big at the slots? Nope, not even close! My promotional birthday money was gone in half the time it took to have them put it on my player’s card to begin with. No Joke! This place was horrible. The only winning I was gonna see was at the Buffet. I definitely beat the “House Odds” there!

As Terri and I were kicking it back in the lobby I happened to see a familiar face walking down the hall towards us. It was Gary “Lambo” from work. That was a nice surprise.

Overnight it snowed. Really? It’s the middle of May! The neighbors all gathered the next morning to see that Frosty had come back to life on the hood of my truck.

snow snowman

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