Little River Casino RV Park

It is Friday the 13th and we decided to try our luck and make our first RV trip of the season at a casino. That was a big mistake! Not that either of us are big time gamblers, but we both went into see how the 13th would treat us this time. We both dropped a twenty in our machines and pressed our buttons. It was at that point that things got weird. My machine broke and I could not hit spin anymore. I then moved to the machine next to us and tried to continue with that one. That machine was broke as well. The spin button would not light up. Terri asked if I remembered to cash out of the first machine at which I replied “my bad”. I leaned over to the first machine to cash out when I realized that there was no cash to come out. Then I noticed that my 1 penny machine was actually a 1 dollar machine. I don’t like to waste time at the machines like my wife does so I tend to select the max button when I play. This is when the machine sucked in my $20 and spit out lemons. Oh well, I didn’t waste much time today. One spin and I was done!

The rest of the weekend was actually quite nice. The weather was great for this time of year with only a little rain on go-home day. The Prime Rib and Seafood Buffet was excellent as usual. The place also had the water turned on at the campsites which we hadn’t expected.

We stopped back at Big Al’s for what we now believe is our favorite pizza. We decided that this year we will set out to try and find a pizza any better than this one. It won’t be an easy task.

On Saturday, we took a short day-trip down town to Manistee and saw a ship that had run aground near the mouth of the river. It was a 579-foot integrated tug and barge vessel which grounded in Lake Michigan early that morning and began to take in water. When we were there, the 579-foot vessel, known as the “Invincible,” was still blocking 30 percent of a channel near the North Manistee break-wall.

I guess the ship wasn’t all that “Invincible” after all.

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