Little River Casino RV Park

Sure is HOT around here! This is the end of September in Northern Michigan and the temperature outside is pushing 100 degrees. That’s just crazy. It is like the entire summer around here got delayed by a month.

hot tempIf it wasn’t for the outdoor swimming pool, we would have absolutely no reason to even venture outside. At the pool, I pushed one of the umbrellas from a nearby table over to the edge of the pool so that I would have some shade from the excruciating heat while I enjoyed bathing in the pool. This was about the most comfort one could expect from this blistering heat. And to think it is not even Summer anymore. The first day of Fall started the day we arrived.

The gauge to the left shows just how hot it got. Compare that to this photo I took a couple of weeks ago when I was describing how cold it was while we were at Clear Lake State Park.

We came back to Little River Casino to celebrate my father’s birthday. He was so excited that we brought him here last year that it would be cruel not to do it for him again this year. He really likes the all-you-can-eat crab legs on the buffet at the casino. This is something he looks forward to each year now.

This trip we were joined by our friends Jeff and Linda. It’s nice now that they have a rig of their own to have them meet up with us like this.

Dad Little River Casino Little River Casino Pool Cheers


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