List of the First Year’s Repairs on our new Montana 3120RL


Here is a list of repairs I made myself to our new Keystone Montana 3120RL in the first year that we have now owned it.

  • Added (Caterpillar hydraulic oil additive, CAT part number 1U-9891) to reduce hydraulics jacks popping noise
  • Replaced damaged HDMI cable
  • Replace defective cabinet speaker
  • Fix loose window valance
  • Replace all cabinet hinge screws
  • Repair refrigerator latch
  • Refasten convenience center lid
  • Add screws to indoor steps that squeak
  • Refasten kitchen light
  • Replace missing ceiling fan blade screws
  • Add missing hose washer in tank sprayer connection
  • Secure loose kitchen back-splash tiles
  • Repair deformed back-splash tile
  • Replace broken taillight hookup cord 2-screw connector
  • Replace the broken closet rod
  • Repair defective roller shade
  • Adjust closet latch position
  • Tighten loose kitchen outlet
  • Add missing screws to loose skirts
  • Reattach fallen closet trim
  • Reattach fallen living room slide trim
  • Reattach loose front outside corner trim
  • Repair nick in the hallway floor
  • Clean excess grease from trailer hubs
  • Secure rear camera mount
  • Fix sewer hose storage pipe end cap
  • Reform bent entry steps
  • Repair misaligned basement door latch
  • Adjust window shade stops
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1 Comment on “List of the First Year’s Repairs on our new Montana 3120RL

  1. Thanks for the great rundown on the “tweaks” and repairs on your Montana. Here’s a list of mine so far. We have a scheduled warranty service for when we get back to MI in May. We need to meet up sometime and compare rigs!

    Here is what we are looking for the service center at Lakeshore to take care of:
    -Top int. trim above window slide – fell down
    -Top int. trim above TV slide – starting to fall down
    -Mo-Ryde hydraulic stairs – bolt broke and hydraulic cylinder detached (may have been because of a broom that fell down and got caught in the steps…)
    -Pop-up outlet by kitchen table doesn’t work
    -Check leveling/suspension – rig seems to cant to the left (after auto-level we manually level an extra 6 degrees and now it’s level)
    -Window Blinds – bottom grip trim came off on one window, coming off two others
    -Top Bathroom drawer bottom falling out – looks like it wasn’t assembled properly
    -Passthru door hitch latch never had screw factory installed (only installed 1 of 2)
    -Bottom Ring around water hose passthrough hole – the screw not installed properly and fell out so it hangs by the other 2 screws.

    -I fixed two drawers myself – one slide had the screw come out so I replaced with a longer screw and the drawer in the island had the wood support fall down so I glued and hammered back into place.
    -We installed a number of hooks for towels, etc.
    -When we bought the rig, Lakeshore let us spend the first night there and we discovered the toilet seal leaked. They replaced the whole toilet with a Dometic porcelain toilet which is 1,000 times better than the stock toilet. After about 7 months the seal seems to leak once in awhile but a good cleaning usually fixes the problem. I think hard water deposits may be responsible as it seems to occur when we are at a location known for hard water. We plan to keep an eye on the problem.
    -The slam latch on the driver side was a little off and the guys at Lakeshore fixed it for the most part then I wacked it over a little more and it’s fine now.

    Funny story: I was going to have them look at the kitchen gray tank valve as the water just runs right out the sewer pipe whereas the bathroom valve works fine. After talking to their service dept. to complain why the one gray valve only seems to work for the bathroom gray tank they informed me that there is a second gray valve hidden from view that controls the kitchen gray tank. Sure enough, once I knew where to look, I found the second gray valve and it was open!

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