Lippert Electric Stabilizer Jacks Motor Failure

On Go-Home day, I went to the rear of the trailer to raise the jacks only to find them broken. I quickly got out a volt meter and checked the lines. I found there was power going to the motor from the switch yet the motor did not energize.

Lippert Stabilizer jack replacement motorI then got some tools out and removed the motor from the frame of the jacks. As I tilted the motor, water quickly ran out of the housing. The motor had a plastic cover on it but it was not sealed from the elements in any way. With the jack being located behind the tires, road spray was sure to penetrate the motor.

Next, I removed the motor housing. I found one of the motor brushes had only bits and pieces of a rusted out spring inside. I went online to look for a replacement motor only to discover the price was in the neighborhood of $300 dollars. OUCH!

I found a dear friend of mine who loves to tinker with this kind of stuff and showed him my problem. With a bit of luck and a whole lot of know-how, he was able to fix me up with new brushes.

Before I remounted the motor, I made sure to seal the cover real good from the elements this time.

I have found this motor to be a real problematic part of this jack. Truth be told, the entire Lippert Electric Stabilizer Jack is more or less junk (as you can read in this previous article). If you need a replacement motor it can be found here-

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