Lippert Electric Rear Stabilizer Jack

One of the first situations we experienced with our new Jayco RV was a bent Electric Rear Stabilizer Jack manufactured by Lippert Components. This is a very popular jack installed on many RVs and I can’t understand why this jack ended up damaged the very first time we used it.

I brought this to the attention of our local RV dealer who tried to present it as a warranty claim to Jayco. I received word back from Jayco that somehow I was responsible for its damage. I was told the damage was from improper usage.

Just looking at the way the device is manufactured you can tell it is not very durable. This thing is brand new and the motor sounds like it is over-laboring while having a hard time pushing the landing gear down into position even before they reach the ground. In fact before we even left the dealership, we were instructed to never put the jacks all the way up or the motor would be damaged. The main jack rails are extremely light weight for the purpose of securing any good sized RV let alone a large one like ours.

Today I called the manufacturer, Lippert Components, to get their input on the subject. After all I knew at this point I would be writing about my experience with this jack for the sake of others and I wanted to be fair and hear the manufacturer’s point of view. I hate to write non-flattering things about a product without getting all the details first. In fact I was hoping they would somehow change the opinion I had about these jacks.

Right from the beginning of the conversation I could detect a defensive tone on the part of the Customer Support Representative. As soon as he heard me speak the words “Bent & Jack” in the same sentence he kicked into self-protect mode. He said that “the jacks were designed to stabilize and nothing more.” If used any other way they would be damaged. They do not warranty damaged jacks.

At this point I was still willing to give them the benefit of the doubt, so I asked what he meant by the word “Stabilize?”

He said that it was point the jacks first touched the ground.

I asked how much force that would represent. Is there an exact measurement?

Once again, he said that it was point the jacks first touched the ground. If the trailer moved at all, then that is too much.

I asked if he knew that the term “jack” was defined as a device to lift or support a heavy object.

He answered that the jack actually just a stabilizer, it was even in the name of it.

I then replied that if an egg happened to be on the ground under the foot of the jack when it touched the ground, would I be allowed to break the egg or would that be considered to much force?

After a long pause, he returned to his previously scripted line “the jacks were designed to stabilize and do nothing more.”

Knowing that this was going to be a lost cause and the fact that it was very evident this was not the first call to Lippert Components on the subject of bent jacks, I decided to cut him loose.

I have read several tips on how to try a minimize damage to this particular jack. Some of the tips may even help a bit. My disclaimer is that while I don’t personally advise the use of any of these solutions, I do recommend one of two things: either use the jacks very sparingly or rip them off and toss them out.

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6 comments on “Lippert Electric Rear Stabilizer Jack
  1. Dale says:

    I also have bent legs. Called got same answer. They do not sell parts for the Arm”leg”

    I have this on a 35 ft Jayco 2013 installed by factory.

    Since both of my legs are messed up I am looking for one good leg. If you have one I would like to borrow or buy. Have a friend who is willing to fab me one. My email is

  2. Greg says:

    I have 2012 Crossroads Cruiser with the lippert stabilizing jacks the rear motor filled with water this winter and failed. I’ve had previously talked with them about rear axle less than a year old and under warranty.No satisfaction with this company cheap products made over seas.I will never do business with them again nor will I recommend them.

  3. Jon says:

    2014 Columbus by Palamino lippert rear stabilizer jack

  4. Tim says:

    Thank you for the words of caution. That mfg. is crossed off the list.

  5. Kelly Masell says:

    We bought a Salem 2014 26TBUD last year and had similar rocking, and not stabilizing the camper. We also experienced leveling the camper, putting the jacks down, sliding out our slide then finding out the camper is not level any more and leaning the side of the slide out. Very strange when the camper started level. Anyway the dealer did not do anything with this or find anything wrong. I did notice at this time a little pinching of the metal at the support location on the leg but really did not think much of it. Now after this camping trip the leg is bent and this pinching is much more pronounced. My wife called Lippert and had a similar circular conversation. These are stabilizing jacks and nothing more.

  6. matt says:

    I also have these “stabilizing jacks” and quite honestly they do not stabilize anything. Camper will rock the same with or without them, they will however pick up the camper off the tongue when the button gets stuck, took advantage of this when the lippert tongue jack failed, which was about a month after the lippert slide-out motor failed, which needed to be removed to push the slide back in and secured with a block of wood to get it home. All on a new 2012 Rockwood 2608ws

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