Leesa Mattress

Leesa Mattress

Time to upgrade our mattress in the RV again. Our 1st mattress upgrade was from the original manufacter installed RV mattress to a new Serta mattress. That was almost 11 years and 3 different RV’s ago now.

In that time mattress shopping has changed significantly. Mail order beds are definatly now the way to go. They are cheaper and in my opinion just as good as any big-box store bed. You simply order your mattress online and if you don’t like it, call to return it. Obviously, you will not be able to get the bed back in the box it came in. So they will send someone out to pick it up for you.

We chose the Leesa Mattress over the other brands we looked at. The Leesa had some of the best features that we were looking for in a new mattress. We read many reviews from bloggers, YouTubers, forums, and various online articles. We really couldn’t find any negative comments about the mattress.

So we pulled the plug and got a Leesa. Let me tell you that we both think it was a really good move. The bed is really quite comfortable. We love Leesa.

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