Lac Vieux Desert Casino

This is now our trifecta of casino camping. This casino is the same price as the one last night but no where near as nice. In fact it is the worst that we have ever stayed at. I was even surprised to hear that I had to pay tax when we went in to pay for our site. We never have paid tax on an Indian reservation before. In fact why do I need to pay tax if they don’t?

The sites have electric and water. They are gravel and somewhat level. The casino has a restaurant, but the menu is really expensive for what they offer. As for any TV signal, good luck. We were however able to receive a strong cellular broadband signal for Internet.

Just up the road is a phenomenon that the locals call “The Paulding Light”. This is a light that shows up in the sky down an old abandoned dirt road. The local superstition is that the light is from a ghost. If they ever put up a traffic signal around here, I assume the locals around here will worship that as well.

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