Kids Playing Outside

It is really great to see kids outside playing in the parks once again. Maybe the trend to getting a little more physical activity in our lives is taking hold. So many years now we have been out camping only to see very few kids outside running, biking and playing ball. It has been a shame.

I will not argue that Kids love video games. I am sure that the games they are addicted to may even create some sort of skill-sets that we as a society didn’t use to even have. In fact, if you have a job that requires a very fast button pusher, I am sure that there are now several kids out there that will excel in that task. Let’s just hope he doesn’t grow up to be the President…LOL

Technology makes us fat and lazy. The more technically advanced we get, the less physical we are. This has been steadily increasing for hundreds of years now. We have gotten to the point now where I have even found myself texting my wife in the other room rather than getting up-off my fat ass and going to talk to her. What is next? Drones that will fetch my beer for me so I don’t even need to text my wife to do it for me?

Anyway, it is really nice to see kids playing outside and having fun.


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