Kewadin Casino – St. Ignace

Our first stop upon arriving in Mackinaw City was a visit to the Keyhole Bar. We like their Hand Battered Shrimp. While we were eating, a storm blew into the area. The rain outside was so bad it was horizontal. After dinner, we made our way to our rig and headed for the bridge.

We got to the bridge only to find it was closed. The sun was out in town here but the storm was still so bad across the straights that you could barely see the top of the bridge. After 3 hours the bridge was reopened. As we were crossing the bridge, my wife found this photo of what happened just moments earlier on it, thus causing the shutdown.

Mackinac Bridge RV Trailer Accident

While in St. Ignace we ate at Clyde’s Drive-in where they have one terrific burger.

Clydes Drive In Clydes Drive In

On Monday we caught a ferry to Mackinac Island. In the past, we always used the Arnold Ferry line because we liked the catamarans they used. This year Arnold line was no more. They went out of business. So instead we chose the Star Ferry Line. We arrived for our annual bike ride around the island. It is approximately an 8.2-mile trip.

Star Line

While we were on the island we saw something we had never seen before. It was a gasoline powered vehicle. An ambulance to be exact. Seems as if there was a medical situation on the island and the vehicle was dispatched to assist.

I was informed that you can drink beer in the park on Mackinac Island even though it is illegal. The local island officers can’t do anything about it and by the time they call someone from the mainland to come and give you a citation, I am quite sure your beer will be gone. Even though this is what we were told, we didn’t push our luck. Instead, we headed over to the Pink Pony. While we were there, a coworker of our son, Devon and her family showed up and sat at the table next to us. What a small world.

Mackinac Island Mackinac Island Mackinac Island

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