Kewadin Casino – St. Ignace

Since we discovered this place last year, the casino RV park has become a popular weekend spot. Even with the RV site rate increasing from $10 to $15 dollars per night, the lot fills up fast. There were even rigs dry camping in the lot next to us.

Knowing that this place would fill up, we decided to make reservations for a site ahead of time. We booked a campsite early last winter. Good thing we did. When we arrived there was only one small end site left with a reservation sign on it. You would think that making a reservation would allow you a better spot. I guess to the front desk all the sites are the same.

Kawadin Casino St Ignace Kawadin Casino St Ignace Kawadin Casino St Ignace

About a week ago we got a phone call from the casino saying that they were canceling the reservation we had made. I found out later that they scheduled a demolition derby to be held that same weekend. The event was to be held in the lot next to the campsites. This made all previous reservations null-and-void. When I called the reservation desk about this they were kind enough to push our reservation up a week. They also gave us a free night stay. ( However, this perk was only provided to us when I did a bit of pleading with them over the phone.)

To back the clock up a bit, before we ever even crossed the Mackinac Bridge into St. Ignace, we stopped in Mackinaw City to grab a bite to eat. We found a spot downtown to park the rig in and headed over to The Keyhole Bar & Grill. We really enjoy the Beer battered shrimp plate they have there. Keyhole Bar & Grill

After dinner we stopped into Murdicks Fudge shop in downtown Mackinaw City to get some Mackinac Island Fudge.  We have always liked Murdicks over the other fudge shops. That is until now. The girl in the shop refused to give us the piece of fudge we desired. She said that she was only allowed to get the ones in the back of the case for customers. We found that hard to believe. When I asked for her name so that I could include it in this blog post, with a smug grin and smart ass attitude she said it was  Kelsi with an “I”. Well Kelsi with an “I”, you have now driven away a truly devoted couple of customers. We even made it a point to welcome Murdicks into Frankenmuth the day they opened shop down there. Sorry to now see them drop off our list. Joann’s fudge is starting to look pretty awesome now.

Grand Hotel Mackinac Island The next day we went over to Mackinac Island for our annual bike trip around the island. It was a beautiful day for a bike ride. Next we took a horse drawn carriage ride. We had a ton of fun. The carriage driver was quite humorous.Kewadin Casino

When we returned back to our RV that evening we were quite hungry, so we headed down to the casino restaurant to enjoy the Saturday night seafood buffet. This was all part of the game plan. The meal was indescribably magnificent.

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