2 Comments on “King Jack RV Antenna VS. Winegard Sensar RV Antenna Signal Comparison

  1. Got to ask, Did Jack Antenna sponsor this video?
    I am in central Florida and have a VERY difficult time getting a digital signal.
    I tried some different antennas with no good results.
    In the video did you explain what the power adapter was for, and did you say if you continue to use the RV’s antenna booster?
    Thanks for your help.

    • Mike,
      This video was not sponsored by King Controls (manufacturer of Jack Antenna). This is just my personal opinion after testing the 3 different setups I had available to me at the time. I was actually in the market for an upgrade to the antenna which came pre-installed on my RV and was told about the Jack by a fellow RVer.
      After obtaining the Jack, I decided to produce this video to show my results. As you can see it did provide some help over the other configurations.
      As for the power supply. It is your choice, you can use it or just use your RV’s built in power supply.

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