Installation of TadiBrothers Backup RV Camera on a Furrion mount

Since we decided to upgrade our RV backup camera from a Furrion to a TadiBrothers system, I had to find out how to mount both the camera as well as the monitor. The whole project sounded much more difficult than it proved to actually be once I figured it out. Let me show you how it can be done.

Let’s start with the camera.

TadiBrothers makes an adapter plate but I found that I really did not need it.

The Furrion mount is secured to the trailer by 4 screws. Begin by removing these screws.

Next, remove the cover on the mount. The bracket for the TadiBrothers Camera with fit right into this mount once the cover is removed.

Now I secured the bracket to the mount using 2 small bolts with a couple of large washers. On the backside, I used a small piece of metal (but large washers could have worked here as well).



(NOTE: TadiBrothers include a rubber grommet on the cable which they inform me can be made to fit into the hole in the bracket. However, I wasted a bunch of time trying to make it fit so I simply cut it off and tossed it. The Y-split on the cable was also too large to fit through the hole in the bracket so I needed to shave it down a little with a knife.)

I then just pushed the wire into the back of the mount and attached the camera head.


On the trailer, I wired the pigtail from the new camera to the existing wire coming out of the wall. TadiBrothers also makes an adapter but I found it just as easy to splice the wires together.



After sealing the hole around the wire, I installed the mount with the previous 4 screws.


Now to mount the monitor.

This was actually quite easy. I discovered that this Scosche Magnetic Window Mount works perfectly. The magnet attaches to the metal strip on the rear of the TadiBrothers 7″ monitor.

monitor mount mount

The whole project took a bit longer than it would have if I had used the Furrion camera but it was worth the extra effort to get a better camera.


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One comment on “Installation of TadiBrothers Backup RV Camera on a Furrion mount
  1. Todd says:

    I bought the plate with the power adaptor cable. I plugged it in and it doesn’t work. I have a Tadi Bros battery pack that I used to double check the camera and wireless connection. Works fine with that. Do you know if there is anything you must do to turn on power to the furrion supplied cable? I assumed it was powered up all the time. I hate to cut in to that wire and splice without knowing if there is something else I am missing. This is a Grand Design 5th wheel

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