Infospherix Sucks The Big One

I decided to book our 4th of July reservations for the entire group myself this year. This way we could be sure to be gathered all together in one location of the park. I thought that it would be much easier to do this by calling in to the reservation line rather than doing it online, how wrong I was.

All I wanted was for the reservation people to use my pre-existing login information. This way I could access everything online as usual. I was told by them that this would be no problem. LIARS!!!

While I thought they were using my previous account information, they didn’t. In fact the woman just made one up as she went along. When I went to log into my account online later, none of the information showed up. I called back to have them fix it and was told it couldn’t be corrected. I was then given my new login name and password that the woman had made up and informed that it would never show up under my real account.

This is when I logged into the newly created incorrect account and changed my name to something more fitting. This name shows up on every reservation I make now. It is also printed on every pass I receive at the State Parks (which I proudly display in the front windshield of my vehicle).

In honor of the Michigan DNR Reservation System Support Representatives my new user name from now on will be:

 ” InfoSpherix Sucks The Big One”.


Update 8/8/2012

Retraction: I would like to bring you up to speed. After oodles of emails back and forth with only superficial resolutions I have finally received the result I was looking for. Today I got an email stating that my account with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources Reservation System has been corrected. I was informed time after time that what I was asking for was impossible. I just want to say that my perseverance in this matter has been well rewarded. I want to personally thank Kirby Winebrenner for following through and coming up with a solution to my problem.


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