Indigo Bluffs RV Park

Indigo Bluffs RV Park & Resort seems to be all about the money. Everything about this place screams “profitability”. This campground has a lot of potential, but much work needs to be done first. Let’s start with the positives.

• The people here are quite nice.
• There is a nice swimming pool.

On the other hand, the prices at Indigo Bluffs are quite expensive. Here are my suggestions that would justify the high prices that they charge.

• Increase the size of the sites. Some of the sites are literally in front of each other. You need to maneuver around the front site to get into the one behind it (sort of like parallel parking your rig in the city). The one they put us into was so bad we never could even get into it.
• Remove the short campsites. One site I saw was only about 20 feet long.
• Spend a little money on playground equipment.
• Not sure if you charge for WiFi or not due to the fact the login page was broken.
• Lighten up on all the extra fees. The reservation fees, cancelation fees, addition people fees, even a fee to take a shower (come on now, really?).
• Trees are nice until you hit one with your rig. The roads are very tight to navigate in this park. This is most likely the reason you must be escorted to your site.

Due to the location of this campground in the state and to popular nearby attractions, this place could be spectacular.

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