Hunting Camp

It is that time again. It’s time to gather up food for the long cold Michigan winter. It’s time to go huntin’!

At Deer Camp this year we had a full house. Besides my wife and me, we had both of the boys and their girlfriends… OH and don’t forget Mo (our dog). My dad camped along side of us in his 5th wheel. He was joined by my youngest brother.

For dinner we went to the El-Bo Inn north of Atlanta, Michigan. This place had a 1-pound hamburger that I have to say I was barely able to put away. We were sad to find out that they no longer offer this burger. Even though the the menu and the sign outside both proudly display the text “home of the one-pound burger”. Go figure.

My dad and brother both had successful hunts this year. My father got his first buck in quite some time. He must have decided that he didn’t want anyone taking deer from his hunting spot anymore. As you recall my oldest son, Jason got 2 deer there last year.

As for our group, guess we are going to go hungry this year. It’s going to be a LONG winter!

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