Hunting Camp

We were back again at Hunting Camp for the second time this year. This time it is to bag that big buck. My dad would join us later with his motorhome. Since we setup camp on state land it is wise to get here early to reserve our favorite location.

This year the weather is the main headline. When we pitched camp the weather was beautiful, sunny with temperatures in the 60’s.  We were walking around in T-shirts. When we went to leave it was another story. The weather had turned for the worst.  We had gotten over 8 inches of snow and the temperature had plummeted into the 20’s. Wish I had taken a picture of my Dad’s motorhome with the front end in the air trying to get out after the storm. The trip home was horrible.  The roads were all ice covered. It is never fun when you put on the brakes only to see your trailer coming up beside you in your mirror.

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