Hookup Memory Level

This item may be one of the smallest gadgets we ever purchased for or RV. It is also however one of the handiest. If you own a trailer then you know how much fun it can be to keep getting in and out of your truck to run back and adjust the front landing jacks or hitch to get the proper height to hook it up. With this little Hookup Memory Level you can set the height of the trailer with a sliding marker to remember where it was when you unhooked from it. This way you just need to return the bubble on the level to this mark when you go to hook it back up. Isn’t this just the simplest, yet greatest little device! If you are a trailer owner then this is a must have gadget.




You can find this product on eBay:  www.ebay.com/usr/kazzman14.


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Good News: It has been brought to my attention that the Hookup Memory Level in my review above is once again available for purchase. I personally think it is a far superior product than the one shown below.

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6 comments on “Hookup Memory Level
  1. I am looking for one of these are so cannot find them I have one on my current trailer but I knew what I can find says:

    I am looking for one of these are so cannot find them I have one on my current trailer but I knew what I can find
    Can you give me a number to call to get

  2. John Kasbon says:

    Hello, We are the exclusive sellers of the Hookup Memory. Our company is also the manufacturer so it should be less expensive than you previously paid. You can visit the ebay store at the website above or search on ebay and you’ll find it now.

  3. This great little product seems to be no longer available. If anyone can locate it please let me know.

  4. Bill Everhart says:

    WE sold our Cougar and let the level go with it (it was stuck on.)
    Now we have a new 5th wheel and I can’t find this level anywhere… any ideas?

  5. Tim Enright says:

    Hi Evelyn, Just click on the link or photo above and it will take you right there. It is quite inexpensive and well worth the money.

  6. Evelyn says:

    Where can we find this memory gadget & how much are they?

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