Holiday Park Campground

Our next stop was Holiday Park Campground near Chums Corner just outside of Traverse City, Michigan. We arrived at the park and discovered that they had a spot available for us on the island. This part of the park is almost completely surrounded by Silver Lake. We jumped at the opportunity.


We met our new neighbors, Jack and Brenda as we were setting up our rig. The campground offers sites for sale to Airstream owners and our neighbors had purchased their site. In the winter they migrate down to Texas. They have a parrot that spends a lot of time in a tree just outside of their RV.

We haven’t spent much time at the campground. There is so much to do around Traverse City. We took a ride up to Petoskey and took a stroll down the beach looking for the infamous Petoskey Stones. We didn’t happen to find one until we returned to the truck and I saw one next to the pavement in the grass, what luck.

The next day we drove out to Empire. There is a nice little beach there where we like to watch the sunset. As we were sitting there a hand glider dropped out of the sky and landed on the beach right in front of us. The guy piloting the aircraft was named Curt. He said he was soaring 600 feet above us for the last 2 ½ hours. He had been waiting for the guy flying his kite to land it before he came down. After chatting with him for a while we gave Curt a lift back up to the bluff where he took off from so he could retrieve his vehicle.

As I am writing this post right now, I am watching the Tall Ship Manitou from the shore at Mission Point. The ship is a replica of a cargo schooner, similar to those that sailed the Great Lakes back in the 1800’s. It is a spectacular sight to behold. It is such a magnificent vessel. The waves along the beach here are calming and relaxing to listen to. We both could spend hours here on this sandy beach with no one but the occasional seagull to cut into the quiet and solitude of day.

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