Happy Birthday to our NEW Bug Smacker

I would like to take a moment to announce the birth of our new Bug Smacker. We have anxiously been waiting for this moment for some time now.  Today our new RV began production. If it seems as if I am a bit excited, it is only because I am. Here are a few photos of our new Bug Smacker being put together. It’s like having new baby pictures.

Terri and I began our search for a new RV open minded about our options. Even though we previously owned a Jayco, we decided to wipe the slate clean and look at all of our options. We had decided that the type of RV that would fit of lifestyle the most would again be a Fifth Wheel. The only other limitations we had in making our decision were pretty much just weight and of course price. We want our Chevy 2500HD “Big Red” to be able to pull it so the weight had to be in its towable range. Also since the money hasn’t fallen from our Money Tree yet, the price had to be reasonable (guess we won’t be getting Kid Rock’s old tour bus).

We compared a lot of Fifth Wheels. Some of them had some pretty cool furnishings in them. We found things like Self-Leveling Electric Jacks, Remote Controls, Pop-up TVs, Power Patio Awnings, Solid Surface Counter-tops, LED Lighting and Tank-less Water Heaters. These are all things that are foreign to the Original Bug Smacker. Some of features that we decided on were a Large Fresh Water and Gray Water Tank, Bedroom Air conditioning, Tongue & Groove Flooring, Standard Queen Size Bed, Foot Flush Porcelain Toilet, Dual Battery Storage, Extra Thermal Protection and Key-less Entry Door Locks.

After a lot of thought we discovered that once again it was Jayco that fit the bill. OK, here goes my sales pitch. First-off, I am in no way sponsored by Jayco I just think they have a well-built product.

Jayco is the nation’s largest family-owned and operated RV manufacturer. The Amish craftsmanship that shows in their Quality Woodwork and Construction is done by the local Amish or Mennonite workers employed by Jayco. Some units at Jayco may be priced a bit more than the competition but when you consider the value of their product I feel it is worth every penny. Dealerships that carry other manufacturers as well as Jayco seem to always compare the other guys to them. Not only do they offer a great warranty but they go out of their way to honor it and back you up in any way they can. In my travels I see a lot of Jaycos. There must be a good reason for that.

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