Good Night Irene

Sleeping while camping can be one of the greatest challenges of being away from home. The more time you spend in your RV, the more you will come to appreciate a good bed. From crawling into a sleeping bag under the stars to sliding under the sheets of king sized bed in a class A Motor Home, a good night’s sleep can sometimes be hard to get.

There are several levels of comfort in sleeping while camping. The most rustic sleeping arrangements start with laying out a sleeping bag either under the stars or in a tent. This can be somewhat upgraded to a folding cot or even an inflatable air mattress.

Next up the comfort scale will require a migration from a tent to an RV of some type. An RV will allow for a thicker foam mattress than a cot will have. Some come with an inner coil mattress. Newer designs may supply you with an inflatable lined mattress. The type of mattress will depend on the frame that supports it. The better ones will be found in main sleeping areas that have a permanent bed frame.

Guest sleeping arrangements tend to be less comfortable. These beds will usually double as sofas, chairs, tables or even walls. RV’s with bunk beds are extremely popular. They come in a variety of configurations. I have even seen some that more or less slide you into a drawer.

At the top of the sleeping comfort scale are the beds that are most like ones that you would find in a home. These units have upscale inner coils mattresses, foam mattresses or air mattresses. I have even heard of water beds (to go with the hot tub, of course).

If you are looking to upgrade your sleeping conditions, you will find many ways to do it. Some of them are: foam mattress covers, mattress pads, inflatable mattresses, replacement inner coil mattresses, to name a few.

When looking for a replacement or upgrade remember that the RV industry tends to size beds smaller than the bedding industry. For an example a RV queen size bed may be shorter than a regular queen size bed. This is more than often the case. A new mattress will most likely be quite a bit thicker than the one you are replacing. Make sure you have room for where the replacement is going. It would not be good to bring in your bed slide with your new mattress only to find it buckle against the wall on the other side.

Sometimes you can make small modifications to your RV to allow for a new bed. I actually removed the storage box below our bed to make room for a queen size mattress to fit below a shelf at the head of the bed. If need be you can purchase RV size beds at camping supply stores or have them special ordered from retail stores.

Whatever your situation there is always a way to improve it. After all we all need a good night’s ZZZZZZZZZZ.

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