There goes the Neighborhood

Every once in a while you run into those campers who don’t want to play nice. They don’t realize that there are other people who share the same space as they do. They don’t understand how their behavior affects those around them.

Meet our new neighbors. We were first introduced when we heard a kid screaming out of the RV windows “I see it, I see our campsite, It’s over there!” from across the park. Then we see a 1960’s Winnebago come to a screeching stop in front of us. It quickly backs into the empty site next to us. With a couple puffs of smoke and several knocks the engine comes to a screeching halt. The dad jumps out of the driver’s seat and barrels out the door. He is a bald shirtless tubby guy with a cigarette dangling from his face.  Next, one of the kids jumps out of the RV. This is a boy with an orange Mohawk haircut who I am sure has just finished a 12 pack of some sort of energy drink.  He is running in circles like a dog chasing its tail as he grunts.

The two of them set the jacks, plug in the cord and yank the awning out. The father then hollers to the kid “I think we set some kind of new world record or something, bet we could do it a minute quicker next time”. They reward themselves with a huge High-Five.

After the rig is now apparently set up and ready to go, the mother comes out of the RV. You would have had to have been here to understand what I saw next. Let me just say that her shorts were so tight that I thought her cheeks were going to pop, at least the portion of cheek bubble that was bulging out from the bottom of her shorts. I am not even sure how she managed to walk. She hands the guy a beer and then returns to the RV.

A couple of minutes later we have the pleasure of enjoying the thunderous sound of country music like we never heard it before, emerging from their RV. That evening I see the guy pouring a half a can of gasoline onto a huge pile of wood that covered their entire fire pit. The moment that he flicked his cigarette into the pit I could feel the temperature outside rise 20 degrees as a fireball shot into the air.

The old neighbors we had were nothing like this. They were quiet and boring. I sure do miss our old neighbors.

As they say “there goes the neighborhood!”

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