Getting Online from your RV

There are several methods for getting online while away from home. I will try and explain a few of the most common here.

Dial-up – First there is the good old dial-up service. Ok, I don’t know how good it is. Not very many places have a phone connection anymore. If you happened to find one that did have one, you would also need to have a dial-up account to use when you plugged into it. But once connected you can blaze across the web at amazing dial-up speeds.

Now we have our broadband connections.

Satellite Internet – We will begin with satellite. This connection uses a signal which travels from your dish to a satellite 22,000 miles in outer space. This creates a latency problem or lag. Most satellite Internet providers also have a FAP (Fair Access Policy). This FAP turns your speed down to dial-up speeds after a specified amount of usage. On the upside, satellite has true global broadband access availability unless there is a drop-out, inclement weather, or during sunspot activity.

Cellular Broadband – Next we have the broadband connection offered by cellular phone providers. This service is offered in or around most large cities (too bad that is not where the campgrounds are usually located). The speed is not as good as the cable or DSL you may have at home but tends to be better than dial-up. In fact, the speed is increasing as providers update their equipment and add new towers. The only real disadvantage is the cost. This technology is a bit pricey.

Wi-Fi – Finally we have Wi-Fi access. This type of internet connect is the most common. The location where you can access a Wi-Fi signal is called a hotspot. More and more hotspots are popping up every day. The internet speed can be as fast as most home broadband connections. Many hotspots are free. The biggest downside of Wi-Fi is its limited range. This can be overcome, however, if multiple access points are installed throughout a campground.

As time goes on internet access should only get better. Changes in technology will make connecting easier. As more RVers demand better service more choices will become available.

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