Front Cap Oxidation Problem

I first noticed the front cap on my Jayco Eagle 5th wheel RV fading back in 2015 when I started to do my fall maintenance.  I am sure the fading problem existed prior to this, I just didn’t look hard enough for signs of it earlier. I wish that I knew then, what I know now. That is, there is no solution to the fading problem on these fiberglass front caps except to have them sanded, cleaned and painted. I would have like to have had Jayco address the problem while my RV was still under warranty.

This fading problem is due to the oxidation of the fiberglass caps. Left out in the sun, the UV rays will cause these fiberglass caps to eventually become white, faded, dull, chalky. oxidized, discolored or blistered.  To help prevent this from occurring, these caps are usually protected by a gel coat layer. In the case of my Jayco Eagle (along with many other brands) the darker color pigment used in the fiberglass tends to have more UV absorption and also causes the oxidation to be more pronounced. On top of this, there was little or no gel coat applied to protect the cap from damage.

I have put a lot of effort into trying to revitalize my RV. I have scrubbed, polished, cleaned and waxed the front cap of my Jayco Eagle at least a half a dozen times since I noticed the lack of luster on it just over a year ago. The first few times I could get it to look halfway decent. I thought all it would need was a bit of TLC once a year or so. How wrong I was!

The last couple of tries (both this spring) just seem to be a HUGE waste of time, money and labor. I can get a little shine but the discoloring still shows up.

Recently, I found several people on the forums that stated they had gotten help from their RV manufactures on this problem even though their warranty had expired. I figured that I would give it a try with Jayco.

So begins my story.

3/20/2017 9:44 AM- I called Jayco and spoke with Jason. I explained the problem I was having with trying to keep a shine on my front cap. He explained that the solution would be to have the whole front cap painted and new decals applied. He said that he would look into helping me out. He told me to give him some time to check into it and that he would call me back.

3/20/2017 4:33 PM- Jason calls me back. He informed me that due to the age of my RV, Jayco would not be repairing my RV. I then asked if they could at least provide me with the decals that I would need to have replaced. He said he saw no problem but once again he would need to check and get back with me.

3/21/2017 4:15 PM- I called Jayco because I hadn’t heard back from Jason today. I spoke with Anthony. I was informed that Jason did not come into work today and he would call me back in the morning.

3/23/2017 11:49 AM- After waiting a couple more days, I called Jayco back again. I asked for Jason. He told me that he would pay $500 dollars towards the decals for my RV. I asked if he could send me an email with this in writing. He said he would.

In the email, he said ” I have spoken to my lead rep about trying to get some goodwill dollars for this unit. Since is so far out of date she will have to consult with our department head but she doesn’t think it will be an issue.

3/28/2017 5:05 PM- I emailed Jayco “I really don’t mean to be so bothersome but I was wondering if you had heard anything back yet. We would like to wrap this up so we can get back on the road and once again be proud to show off our Jayco to everyone we meet.

3/31/2017 8:01 AM- I wrote another email to Jayco ” It would be great if someone would take a moment to reply to me. I was told that Jayco would be willing to provide me with the decals for my RV if I paid the cost to paint my front cap. I would just like to know when I might be receiving the decals. I have a paint shop lined up and ready to go. A reply would be greatly appreciated.”

3/31/2017 8:11 AM- I finally got a reply back from Jayco today. This is what is said:

Good morning Tim,

I brought up trying to assist with the cost of the decals for your unit with my management team. They got back with me and unfortunately due to the time out of warranty (approximately 2 ½ years) we are not able to assist financially with this matter. We are very sorry for any and all inconvenience this may cause.

Thank you,

Jason Kuhn
Warranty technical Rep.

This whole thing really saddens me. I take great pride in my RVs. They may not be the most expensive units but they are still quite valuable to me. I truly believe that if I had neglected to wax and maintain the RV like I did, that I would have noticed the problem while it was still under warranty. I am now extremely embarrassed to own this thing. It is no longer something that I can be proud to own. This will now force me to start looking for a new RV and Jayco is no longer at the top of the list.

If there are others out there who are in a similar situation and feel like I do, please let me know that I am not alone.




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